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(Special Education Residential School for Boys, Lewella)

Employees: 11
Location: Kandy
Supervised people: 30
Year of establishment: 1966



Navodaya (translated: Hope) was established in 1966 and is a nationally recognized charity. The directors' couple, Mr. and Mrs. Rupage, ran the organization jointly on a full-time and honorary basis until the death of Mr. Rupange. After the death of her husband, Ellen Rupage took over the management of the home.

Navodaya is located inland in the city of Kandy, about 116 kilometers east of Colombo.

Navodaya is a home for handicapped boys and operates a school with trained personnel. Navodaya sees children with disabilities as “differently able” and promotes their “other capabilities” individually and specifically. The aim is to develop the residents’ skills to the extent that they will be fully accepted and integrated as members in their community.

Currently 30 boys between the ages of 6 and 18 reside at Navodaya. They come from various parts of the country, and the waiting list is long.



In addition to the familial care provided by their supervisors, they enjoy educational support and often need medical attention as well.
For those children capable of vocational training, Navodaya also makes this available.
After reaching their 18th birthday, the young people return to their families or are transferred to a home for disabled adults. For many years, Navodaya has been working successfully together with very good adult homes.

Navodaya desperately needs more room. The buildings are full. More dormitory space, a large dining room and a new kitchen are badly needed. The goal is to give 50 children and young people a new home.
Land has been made available by the community and is adjacent to the existing building. The funds for new construction have been raised.



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