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Our foundation members

After more than 30 years of service in the service of the consular/diplomatic service of the FDFA - 13 missions in five continents of the world - Ruedi took early retirement in 2003. Since then he has been permanently resident in Colombo and has served as President of the Brighter Life Foundation from 2004 until 2022. 

Rudolf Gauhl

Honorary President

After training in banking, 15 years of professional career as treasurer and head of finance of internationally active groups followed by 20 years of self-employment as company owner in the field of consulting and investment management of private and institutional assets as well as several years of exercising board mandates of publicly listed companies. For several years, he has been working as a consultant in the fields of philanthropy and foundations as well as supporting young companies. Heinz is a founding member, was Vice President until 2022 and since then President of the Brighter Life Foundation.

Heinz Pauli


«It is a great pleasure to see how small contributions from Switzerland can multiply in size and effect in a developing country like Sri Lanka where we help to reduce the pain of the poorest.

It is a noble task for me to support Brighterlife’s schools for handicapped children.”

Mark Dangel works as an independent asset manager in Zurich, Switzerland. He studied economics and covered several leading positions in the Finance and Construction industry. The investment horizon of his investment management company includes Asia and the Subcontinent of India which resulted in numerous trips also to Sri Lanka. The insight gathered in this country enables him to serve on the Board of the Swiss Asian Chamber of Commerce, Sri Lanka Chapter, and the Brighterlife Foundation.

Mark Dangel


«We are not changing the world, but we are changing the world for some people who need our help». 

After years of working in the field of tourism, she has been working as an assistant to the Presidents Services of the University of Zurich since 2010. She is currently training to become an art therapist. Malin is a founding member of the Brighter Life Foundation and regularly visits the projects on site. 


Malin Stomeo


Dr. Nilayini Vamatheva is a specialist in Internal Medicine. She completed her studies at the University of Zurich. As a student she worked as a cultural mediator in various organizations for people from Sri Lanka in Zurich. Her roots are from Sri Lanka.

Nilayini Vamatheva


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