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About us

How we began

Through a personal relationship with Hans R. Neururer, a Swiss expatriate living in Sri Lanka, we were made aware of the unspeakable suffering and the high number of disabled people there.

Hans R. Neururer had worked for over ten years for the poorest of the country and supported Navajeevana Rehabilitation Tangalle, a relief organization founded in 1987. For many years we received, almost every day, his handwritten faxes in which he described the plight of disabled people and how we could help.

Hans R. Neururer died in December 2004. In his spirit, we completed his plans to build the rehabilitation and treatment center Navajeevana Rehabilitation Tangalle and, in December 2004, created the Navajeevana Foundation.

The construction project was completed successfully, and to ensure a continued existence, we finance its operation.

This initial success has motivated us to support other projects.

Since November 2008, carrying a new name, our Foundation operates with the same commitment as the “Brighter Life Foundation”.

The Brighter Life Foundation, a Swiss-run Foundation, was founded in 2004 with the aim to assist disability charities in Sri Lanka in a responsible and sustainable way.

Due to the presence of our Board of Trustees President in Sri Lanka, and thanks to good contacts with authorities, we are continually informed about the local situation and know where action and funding is needed most.

The Brighter Life Foundation supports organizations and schools. It provides comprehensive, customized therapies for the treatment of physically and / or mentally disabled people. The essential prostheses, braces, wheelchairs, etc. are manufactured on site, mainly by people with disabilities. In addition, long-term prevention and education programs have been developed in cooperation with local communities and physicians.

Thus, we offer people more than just medical support – we leave them with new challenges and opportunities to gain new vitality, thanks to which they can build their future.

The Brighter Life Foundation has set itself the goal of being a long-term and reliable partner for several existing agencies in Sri Lanka. Our experience shows that many agencies cannot properly function due to lack of funding. We provide support where it is most needed, so that full potential can be attained.

It also provides emergency aid where it is most needed in the event of natural disasters (tsunami, landslides) or the current global pandemic (COVID19).


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