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Ongoing Projects

The Brighter Life Foundation supports existing disability agencies in Sri Lanka. It is committed to help where it is most needed so a full potential can be attained. Learn more about the projects we support!


Navajeevana Rehabilitation, Tangalle (NRT translated: New Life) is a nationally recognized charity since 1988. Founder and Chairwoman was Ms. Kumarini Wickramasuryia («Kumi»). Since the death of «Kumi» in 2019, her nephew, Suresh de Mel, took over the chairmanship and continues to lead 



Navodaya (translated: Hope) was established in 1966 and is a nationally recognized charity. The directors' couple, Mr. and Mrs. Rupage, ran the organization jointly on a full-time and honorary basis until the death of Mr. Rupange. After the death of her husband, Ellen took over the management of the home


Santosa (translated: Happiness), founded in 1994, is a nationally recognized charity. The founder, Wim Van der Beek, who is a Dutch citizen, resides in Santosa.

Santosa is located in the fishing village of Negombo, which is located about 25 kilometers north of the capital of Colombo.



Dr. Godakumbura a Sri Lankan dermatologist came into contact with patients who had paraffin burns almost daily. It turned out that most accidents were caused by the use of an unsuitable, homemade paraffin lamp. The electricity network in Sri Lanka is not available nationwide.






Completed Projects

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